Essential oils
for food, feed and fragrances

Formulation and manufacturing of essential oils

Since 2016 innovating for you

What we do at Crearomatic

We manufacture high quality essential oils with the perfect formula specialized for use in different industrial fields.

food sector


personal cleanliness

home cleaning

Animal feeding

Perfumes and cosmetics


Solutions specialized in industries in the cosmetic, phytosanitary, personal hygiene...


Specialized solutions in food industries in general.


Specialized solutions in animal feed industries.

A perfect formula

We are your partner with extensive knowledge of oils and aromatic molecules.


We maintain the highest standard of quality and lead in the essential oil products industry. We are in constant evolution and development since our beginnings.


We make our own mixtures for each product and always with the same chemical composition to avoid batch reformulations.


From the production line to the delivery of the final product to any part of the world, we are efficient and fast, meeting delivery times.

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